Some of our key personnel

Lynne Amidon is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. She has provided organisational consultancy, for the last 7 years, to two children's homes. She also works on family assessments at the Monroe Family Assessment Service. Previously, she worked for 7 years at the Tavistock Mulberry Bush Day Unit. She has taught on many courses at the Tavistock Clinic.

Georgina Hardie is an Adult Psychotherapist with sixteen  years post-qualification experience. She has worked in different settings with children and families.  She has supervised multi-disciplinary CAMHS professionals.  She has done court ordered individual, couple and family therapy where there have been concerns about children.  She worked at the Cassel Hospital with parents, helping them with their own emotional difficulties and with their parenting. She did couple and family work in the multi-disciplinary team in the setting of the hospital's therapeutic community. Currently she consults to a private fostering agency, working with the staff team and the carers, liaising with child psychotherapists and local authority professionals. She also has a private practice.

Tony Harms BA, LlB, AIBC (Business Manager) is a barrister (non-practising) and has been an associate of the Institute of Consulting. He has had a long career running and advising small businesses.

Marigemma Rocco-Briggs is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist . She has worked for eight years in the Family Unit at The Cassel Hospital, Richmond, Surrey. She is currently working in in a Child And Family Consultation Service in South Essex . She has a specific expertise in assessing the relationship between parents and their infant children for Court Reports. She also provides consultations and direct clinical work for Barnardo's and Foster Care Associates.

Jenny Sprince (Clinical Director) is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, with twenty years post-qualification experience. She trained and worked for many years at the Tavistock Clinic. She has since worked in a variety of settings with children and their carers, including CAMHS teams, Social Services Departments, special schools, fostering agencies, children's homes and therapeutic communities. She continues a teaching and supervisory role within the child psychotherapy profession and has contributed to professional literature in her area of expertise. She contributed as expert witness on consultancy to the LAC NICE Committee in drawing up guidelines for the care of looked-after children.

Yael Witkon  is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and previously educational psychologist (Israel). She is currently working in an NHS specialist mental health service for children in care. She has provided consultancy to the Coram Family "Fostering New Links" project. She has been working with fostered children and carers for Placement Support and in a CAHMS team, has supervised mental health professionals and has been a lead psychotherapist in the Tavistock Centre outreach project in primary schools. She was Deputy Manager of the Tavistock Haringey Intensive Family Intervention Team. She has taught on Tavistock Centre training courses and currently teaches at Birkbeck College MSc course in Psychodynamic Counselling with Children and Adolescents.